Managed Outbound Sales Campaigns

Work with our team to get a robust outbound sales program setup in under 2 weeks. We will guide you through the data, strategy, copywriting, and continual testing to make sure you have an inbox full of warm leads.

All you need is someone on your end to answer questions and take phone calls.

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Research & Discovery

Find your company’s unique buyer signals

We design experiments to uncover your target company/persona’s buyer signals and drive your business objectives. For example, a branding agency we work with learned that the perfect time to reach out to startup founders, is when they are actively hiring for a CMO.

Company Filtering

Target the perfect companies

After we develop your signals, we run companies through close to 80 different filters before adding them to your campaigns. For one client in the manufacturing industry, we’ve gotten as granular as removing all companies with a single employee located in China.


Contact the right person at the right time

We find the hard-to-reach people at your ideal companies, using the most timely data available. Our prospecting technology pulls in 50+ data points and validates contact information for each lead, ensuring your outreach won’t be wasted on stale data.

Campaign Execution

Win them over with authentic copy

Leveraging 3 years of results pooled across all our clients, we expertly execute campaigns that create urgency, drive responses, and get you on the phone. Warm leads curated by data, captured by authentic, 1:1 communication.

Feedback Loop

Analyze and iterate on results

We test different messaging, personas, and industries to improve the performance of your outreach. Tell us which meetings turn into sales, and our process will continually improve.

Infrastructure Setup

Ensure that your message reaches the prospect

Our team monitors your domain’s reputation and optimizes your deliverability. We will set up your DNS records and purchase and configure domains to maximize results.

Dashboard & Reporting

Keep tabs on progress

Our analytics dashboard allows you to track campaign progress, monitor results, view prospect lists, and keep track of replies.

Want to discover the unique Data Signals for your business?

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