Frequently Asked Questions

Results & Expectations

The questions everyone wants to ask an outbound agency.

How many warm leads can I expect?

The million dollar question!

The correct answer is “it depends” and anyone that promises you X number of leads before understanding your business intimately is full of it.

We will present range of expected results, but only after we complete an in depth ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) analysis of your market and discuss your pitch. Please contact us to kick off this process.

What does a “Warm” lead mean?

A “warm” lead is defined as a positive or “yes” response from a prospect that is conducive to further discussion or engagement.

I’m interested in meeting, what time works for you?
Yes, please share the resource! Thanks!
Sounds interesting, I'd like to learn more.
Tell me more about your pricing or company.
How many meetings can I expect?

We are NOT a meeting setting or calendar scheduling service. To be successful with us, you must have a sales person on your team that is capable of booking meetings, taking sales calls, and nurturing the warm leads we send to their inbox.

Please use our ROI Calculator to estimate the number of meetings you can book each month.

How long does it take to get launched?

Speed to launch is a core metric we rally around for each new client. Your first campaign will be launched and collecting performance data within 1 week of your Kickoff call.

What type of companies do you work with?

Most of our clients fall into the Professional Services category with a large majority of those being marketing agencies. We also work with SaaS/Technology companies that solve a clear paint point and have a differentiated product.

Data & Prospecting

Data is the beating heart of our company.

What is a Contact?

A contact is a single, verified person at a company that you have approved for outreach. When we discuss volume of outreach, we are talking about going after net new contacts each month.

Where does your data come from?

We scrape and verify all of our data in house. A lot of our insights will come directly from a company’s website, but we are also going out into popular directories and networks to scrape the really useful stuff.

We do not purchase stale data from other provides. The Data Engine is the beating heart of our company and it is too important to trust to a 3rd party with.

What is your email deliverability?

Emails are verified every 2 weeks, this gives us a 99% deliverability rate.

How fresh is your contact data?

All contact information will be verified within the last 90 days. This keeps our “No Longer Works Here” responses to less than 1%.


Crafting your pitch is done with the highest regard.

Where are your copywriters located?

All of our copywriting is done by strategists based here in the United States.

Do you have examples of your copywriting?

Yes! Tons of examples live in our blog.