Outbound Sales built for Marketing Agencies

Reliable prospect data and managed campaigns for agencies that uses Signaling to indicate the correct timing for outreach.

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Signaling that shows Intent and provides Context

Customize a Data Signal that can tell you the perfect time to do outreach and pitch your agency's services.

Marketing Job Postings

EX: Contact companies that are actively hiring for a CMO or have open marketing positions.

Recently Hired CMOs

EX: Contact CMOs or Marketing Directors that just started within the last few months.

New Startups

EX: Contact decision makers at recently founded companies that need outsourced marketing help.

Marketing Technologies

Ex: Target companies using technologies you specialize in like Shopify, Wordpress, HubSpot, etc.

Recent Funding

EX: Reach out to Marketing Directors of startups that have been funded with the last few months.

Yelp Reviews

Example: Contact brick & mortar retail business by review numbers or average stars.

Team Demographics

EX: Contact companies that have employees with specific skills like SEO, Ecommerce, Artists, Creative Directors etc.


Mix and match filtering to create a Data Signal customized to your specific needs.

How It Works

Pick a Data Signal

Choose a Data Signal that indicates buyer readiness and provides context for your outreach.

We have the ability to stack and personalize each signal, so you can also send our Data Signals Team a custom request.

Company Filtering & Prospecting

Tell us the exact requirements of each company that matches your ideal customer profile. We filter on 50+ data points to make sure only highly relevant companies are shown.

Contact information for your buyer personas at these companies is verified same-day to ensure the most accurate results.

Review & Approve Leads

Use our Dashboard to review and approve your leads as they come into the Data Signal. We track all feedback and use it to continually improve your Signal.

You’ll only pay for the leads you want to use.

Export & Download

Export a .CSV file of your approved leads. This contains verified emails and LinkedIn profiles, plus all data points we have on each company.


Once your Data Signal is dialed in, you can count on fresh leads coming in daily or weekly batches.

Our goal is that you spend more time on stragegy, and less time thinking about where the next batch of prospect data is coming from.