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Position Linkedin Company Employee Size Categories Discovered
Director and Instructor, New York City Programs in/amangiero holycross.edu 1001-2500 College, Consumer Discretionary, Education, Nov 30, 2022
Integration Architect / Senior Technical Instructor in/bejoyt mulesoft.com 2501-5000 Technology, Software, Industrials, Oct 06, 2022
First Grade Teacher in/kimberly-shaw-ab8a29b9 fcps.edu 6-10 Consumer Discretionary, School Districts, Education, High Schools, Nov 30, 2022
English Teacher in/shari-griffiths-a9604a137 teachforamerica.org 11-25 Consumer Discretionary, Non Profit, Oct 12, 2021
Music Teacher in/rachelbearinger lessonface.com 26-50 Consumer Discretionary, Education, Entertainment, Oct 25, 2022
Curriculum Director and Adjunct Instructor, Elder Planning Specialist Program in/powellrobert salemstate.edu 1001-2500 College, Consumer Discretionary, Education, Nov 22, 2022
Group Fitness Instructor in/marcsansome denverymca.org 101-250 Non Profit, Gym & Fitness, Sep 27, 2022
REBAC e-PRO® Instructor in/ktengan nar.realtor 2501-5000 Real Estate, Oct 05, 2022
Instructor in/eladschanin columbia.edu 101-250 College, Restaurants, Consumer Discretionary, Education, Oct 24, 2022
Postgraduate Teacher in/luc%c3%ada-castro-triay-64747048 elisava.net 501-1000 College, Education, Sep 21, 2022

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