2024 Analysis of E-commerce Companies

We analyze the top 50,000 e-commerce companies in 2024 to uncover trends and insights

Russell Taylor
March 7, 2024


Define E-commerce

Our definition of an e-commerce company is any website that sells physical products that can be purchased online and shipped to your hosue. The main thing we are looking for is if the website has a shopping cart.


  • We are analyzing roughly 50,000 of the top e-commerce companies we've scraped within the last year.
  • We only pulled in companies that have 10 employees minimum.
  • Our data will contain mostly western countries (US, Canada, Australia, UK) as this is what our clients are asking us to scrape most of the time.


Segmenting our outreach to specifically speak to e-commerce stores in a specific niche is a key tactic when working with our clients.

B2B vs B2C

Surprising to us was how many e-commerce stores are classified as B2B. These types of stores are selling things like industrial supplies.


Topics are generated directly from website text and run through the Google Classification Engine.

Top B2C Categories

The top categories for the B2C e-commerce stores.


Breakdown of popular technologies installed.

E-commerce Platforms

No surprise here that Shopify is king.

Payment Technologies

How e-commerce stores are processing their payments is a huge pain point that agencies can help solve. We've seen a huge surge in requests to target e-commerce platforms with payment options like Klarna, Affirm, and Afterpay.

Marketing & Email

Klaviyo is king here which makes a lot of sense for e-commerce stores.


Breakdown of popular technologies installed.

Country / Regions

United States is heavily favored here.

Segmentation Ideas

Segmenting based on the country is usually a basic default for most type of outreach.

Top 10 Countries

Employee Headcount

This headcount trend is pretty much consistent with all companies. The majority of companies will have smaller headcounts,

Segmentation Ideas

Segmenting based on employee headcount is an important when deciding who you want to target for outreach inside of a company. For example your likelihood of contacting the CEO at a 5,000 person company is very small, so you are going to want to start further down the org chart. The CEO of a 10 person company however, is more than fair game to go after and you have a good chance of getting a response.

We will usually go after CEO's if the company is 100 people or less.

Employee Headcount Ranges

Founded Date

Why the drop of after 2016? Keep in mind we are only looking at companies with 10+ employees so this can be read as the amount of time it takes for a company to hire 10 employees. Also not that lots of

Founding Date of Company