Enhance Your Sales Copy by Addressing Pain Points, with Templates

Real examples of tapping into your prospects pain points to increase reply rates

Maggie Georgeson
Outbound Strategist

Email remains a key communication tool, both in personal and professional settings. With its wide reach and direct access to individuals, doing outbound sales via email is a well known strategy for establishing connections and driving sales. When done strategically, focusing on specific pain points, cold emails can yield significant benefits.

Addressing the challenges and pain points that recipients face not only captures their attention but also showcases empathy and a genuine understanding of their needs. By offering relevant solutions and demonstrating the value that can be derived from the proposed collaboration, outbound sales on email becomes more than a generic sales pitch; it becomes an opportunity for both parties to benefit.

In this article, we offer an example sequence that can help you break out of the "me, me, me" selling mentality, and make it all about the prospect.

Touch #1

Hi {{FirstName}},

I'm not sure if you struggle with {{Pain Point}}, but I wanted to reach out about our work doing {{Solution}}.

If we could help you do X, Y, and Z...would that save you time/money/headache/challenges?

Would be great to hop on an intro call just to get our solution on {{Company}}'s radar.

Any interest?

Touch #2

Hi {{FirstName}},

Checking in on my email {{Last_Touch}}.

Would you say that {{Company}} runs into {{Pain Point re-worded}}?

At {{My_Company_Name}}, we work with {{Industry}} companies to deliver {{Result}}.

I'd love to send over a few examples of recent work/results/use cases to see if we can get on your short list. Would that be ok?

Touch #3

Hey again {{FirstName}}, hope you're having a nice {{day_of_week}}.

I just wrapped up a project with {{CompanyExample}}, and I thought some of the takeaways around X and Y might help you with addressing {{Pain_Point}}

Do you have a few minutes this week for me to share?

Touch #4

{{FirstName}}, wanted to just leave this here for you, {{link to more information}}.

I'd be happy to be a resource for {{Company}} regarding {{Pain Point}} if you have a need down the road.

Would it be okay if I check in with you again in a few months?

In Conclusion

Outbound sales on email has proven to be a powerful tool for building work relationships and setting sales meetings. By focusing on specific pain points and tailoring messages accordingly, this approach can generate remarkable results.

This approach requires time, thorough research, attention to detail, and a genuine understanding of their pain points. To avoid spam complaints, it's crucial to make sure your message is relevant to your reader (even if they don't have a need right now), and that your prospect data is up to date and accurate.