Case Study

B2B SaaS Company

SaaS sales team uses Hello Outbound to spend less time prospecting, and more time taking calls

"My team used to spend tons of time researching companies and contacts. Hello Outbound is now a key partner for us thanks to their custom prospect lists and warm leads that automatically sync to our CRM every week. The context in their lists helps us personalize our outreach and really sets them apart from other data companies."

Steven Schneider
Co-Founder, Head of Business Development

Great outbound campaigns start with accurate prospect lists

WorkRails is a software platform for tech companies that streamlines all aspects of the Services Sales process.


  • B2B Technology
  • SaaS
  • Cloud Computing
  • Networking & Cybersecurity


  • Professional Services
  • Sales & Revenue
  • Customer Success
Winning Strategies

Campaign triggers that led to timely, authentic outreach

Hello Outbound built prospect lists based on niche personas, hiring events, and active job postings.

Recently Hired Sales & Revenue Leaders

The best performing strategy was contacting Sales and Revenue leaders who had started their role within the last 3-6 months. This is the sweet spot for getting the highest reply rates.

Job Postings for Professional Services

Since WorkRails partners with professional service sales teams, we targeted Technology and SaaS companies hiring for positions related to 'professional services' and 'solution consulting' to indicate that they would be a good fit.

Cybersecurity Industry

With relevant client examples and strong product-market-fit, WorkRails knew how to speak directly to the pain points of a sales leader at a cybersecurity company.


Real pitches that generated meetings via Email and LinkedIn

Email Script: Recently Hired Sales & Revenue Leaders

Hi {{FirstName}},

Are you in charge of the services sales team at {{Company}}?

How long does it takes your reps to create custom SOWs, then get them approved and accepted?

Our tool integrates directly with your existing CRM to move customers from service request to signature in minutes, versus weeks or months.

Can I show you a demo of how software companies like Autodesk use our proposal generator?

Email Script: Job Postings for Professional Services

Hey {{FirstName}},

Curious if Service Sales falls under the same umbrella as Software Sales at {{Company}}?

Asking because we build automation tools that enable the same reps to sell professional services just as effectively as they sell your products.

If it's relevant, can I send over a video of how the sales team at Okta is using our platform?

LinkedIn Connection Message: Cyber Security Industry

Hi {{FirstName}}, I've been analyzing why it's so difficult for cybersecurity sales reps to sell add-on services, and put together a resource with some tips for helping them succeed.

Would that be interesting for you or someone on your team?