Case Study

Lifecycle & Email Marketing Agency

Email marketing agency generates a 9.5X ROI within the first 6 months of launching an outbound sales program

"Our journey with Hello Outbound has been very impactful. Starting from a point where outbound leads were non-existent, we have now secured a 10% incremental revenue increase through their outreach. One of our highest-paying clients of the year came from our very first campaign, and we've continued to see value since then. Their platform is not just a tool, it’s a growth partner for us."

Will Pearson

Great outbound campaigns start with accurate prospect lists

Scalero is a lifecycle marketing studio that offers email marketing design and automation.


  • Consumer Technology
  • E-commerce Stores
  • B2C Brands using Email Marketing Technologies


  • Head of Marketing (CMO, Director, VP)
  • Founder/CEO at Small Companies
  • Head of Growth
  • Demand Generation
  • Head of Content
Winning Strategies

Campaign triggers that led to timely, authentic outreach

Hello Outbound filtered prospect lists by hiring events, industries, and technologies.

Recently Hired

Marketing and content leaders at e-commerce brands who were hired within the last 3 months.

Job Postings

B2C brands with active job postings for for Email, Lifecycle, and Retention positions.

Klaviyo Technology

Brands running their email marketing on Klaviyo to indicate their level of sophistication and budget.


  • Closed deal within 30 days, now one of Scalero's highest paying clients.
  • 10% incremental increase in annual revenue, directly from outbound sales efforts.
  • 9.5X ROI in 6 months, a figure that will continue to grow as new clients extend and expand their partnerships.


Real pitches that generated meetings via Email and LinkedIn

Email Script: Recently Hired Marketers @ E-commerce

Hey {{FirstName}},

Congrats on your new role at {{Company}}!

As you get ramped up, perhaps I can help take a little pressure off when it comes to lifecycle and retention marketing.

Happy to share some examples of our highest performing emails, and talk about results we can generate for {{Company}}.

Quick chat?

Email Script: Active Job Postings

Hi {{FirstName}},

If you spend even 5 minutes a day thinking about email marketing, I'd love to see if Scalero can help you reach your goals faster with a little assistance.

My agency helps e-commerce brands fill in the gaps on their lifecycle team, whether it's a full-blown retention strategy or just designing a few emails. Here are a few templates you can check out:

If you find this helpful, can we chat further?

LinkedIn Connection Message: Running Klaviyo Technology

Hi {{FirstName}},

Do you use Klaviyo? I'd be happy to help your lifecycle marketing program with a free audit if that's of interest.