Case Study

UX & Design Agency

Cold outreach becomes a reliable lead source to help this agency grow, year after year

"We needed a strong channel with predictable lead generation. I tried hiring in-house first and spent months on salary without any return. Hello Outbound delivers much higher numbers than we could possibly generate, and allows us to quickly and accurately test different markets and messaging."

Shirin Oreizy
Founder & CEO

Great outbound campaigns start with accurate prospect lists

Next Step is an award-winning marketing and product design agency that helps tech companies create better outcomes with Behavioral Science- the study of how people really make decisions.


  • B2B SaaS
  • Fin Tech
  • Enterprise Technology
  • Financial Services


  • Head of Marketing (CMO, Director, VP)
  • Head of Product
  • Founder/CEO at Startups
Winning Strategies

Campaign triggers that led to timely, authentic outreach

Recently Hired Marketers

We knew that marketing leaders in their first 6 months at SaaS companies would be more open to new agency partners, and would be looking to make an impact fast.

Funding Events

Tech companies at a Series B or C funding round were the ideal stage and size for Next Step. If they had received funding in the last 90 days, we knew they would have a marketing budget.


The Chief Behavioral Scientist at Next Step has a deep history in the financial sector, so we targeted fin tech startups from his LinkedIn profile as a highly. uthentic approach.


  • Replaced a full time sales hire.
  • Consistently queued their team up for 10 qualified meetings each month.
  • Closed 2 high value deals in the first 6 months of outreach.

Real pitches that generated meetings via Email and LinkedIn

Email Script: Recently Hired Marketers

Hi {{FirstName}}, how's your new role?

I'm not sure if you're working on new marketing creative right now, but I wanted to ask if you've ever considered incorporating Behavioral Science (the study of human decision making) into your design process?

I put together a few messaging ideas for you based on this framework- they could help {{Company}} better understand your customers to increase product adoption / decrease churn. 

Can I share them with you?

Email Script: Funding Events

Hi {{FirstName}},

Are you thinking about updating your messaging or website this year?

Instead of the "Mad Men" way of marketing (whatever the latest fad is right now), our research-backed approach is based on the study of Behavioral Science.

We put together a few concepts for you based on success with other tech clients like LG and Github. The framework could help {{Company}} better understand how your customers make decisions, and hit the ground running this year with a plan.

Can I share?

LinkedIn Connection Message: Industry-Specific (Fin Tech)

Hi {{firstName}}, Hoping to share about how I’m applying Behavioral Science to help other fintech startups (Credit Karma, BILL, Ellevest) drive growth and reduce churn.

Would you be open to learning more about this methodology? Would love to chat.